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Madelyn is the oldest kid in the third generation Tabor family. She was born on September 19th, 2002. She has a younger brother, Henry, who is three years younger than her. She is a Sophomore at West Linn High School. Besides racing, she loves photography, theater and film. She got into Quarter Midgets at the age of 13, when her brother, Henry started to race. At first she didn't like it, but she still came out and supported him. Then a couple months later, she decided to race. On her 13th birthday, she got her first car, her blue car. The two of them raced in Senior Novice together to the end of the 2015 season and raced Senior Honda through the 2016 race season. Sometime during the season, Henry grew out of his car, so we bought a new one, the lightning car, as we like to call it because of the vinyl on it. He stopped racing in the beginning of 2017. And that's the year where Madelyn grew more as a racer. She was social and met new people who share the same amount of passion for racing. She even started a new class, Heavy 160. At the time, she was racing Senior Honda and Heavy 160. After the season ended she participated at a nationals event in Las Vegas in November-December of 2017. Now, it's the 2018 race season. Madelyn is now racing Heavy Honda and Heavy 160. While in Vegas, they picked up another quarter midget, we call it Green car, Because it has green flames on it, the first race we participated in this year we raced that car in Heavy Honda. We have recently bought a third class engine, Animal, for the green car. Madelyn also posts races on YouTube (Madelyn Tabor Racing). She hopes to continue to meet more people and continue her racing career as she gets older.

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